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Mediation Software | Court ADR Software | Arbitration Software | ADR Software | Neutrals Case Management and Tracking Software.  All you need rolled into one simple online solution.  Accurate case tracking and reporting is critical to the success and workflow automation for any mediator, arbitrator, neutral, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) specialist or organization that practices conflict resolution mediation and informal or formal mediation and/or arbitration. CRS allows you to keep track of all of your cases online in the cloud.  The software is simple to use and requires no hardware or software installation.  You simply login online and begin filing and tracking your current and archived cases! 

It is centralized in one database, reportable, and accessible by one or multiple users on any web-based device, including smartphones.  Trust our 15 years of case management software experience and you will quickly understand why you should utilize the amazing benefits of CRS!

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Top 10 Benefits of Tracking Your Cases with CRS:

1.  Searchable database of past resolutions.

2.  Web-based environment eliminates need to install

3.  Easily scan and upload relevant documents to each case.

4.  Access your CRS from home, work, smartphone, or while
     traveling via the web.

5.  Create customized fields to track by locations, issues, costs,
     individuals, etc.

6.  Create a step-by-step customized tracking model for
     your cases.

7.  Incorporate contracts or policies where applicable with
     drop down lists of issues or case types.

8.  Automatic Email Notification System to update users
     or others about the case or keep up with crucial timelines.

9.  Timeline tracker allows you to document every step of the
     case and create virtual "sticky" notes about each case

10. Identify and run reports on specific types of cases by a
      simple customized drop-down menus.  You will have the
      opportunity to customize your CRS around the exact specs
      you need to track - and it is so simple to use!